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Welcome to Ashford Green Party

The Climate and Ecological Emergency is the greatest threat to life on this planet for millennia and requires radical action and change to our system to be averted.


Where Greenpeace take non-violent direct action, Friends of the Earth develop and lobby for solutions and Extinction Rebellion take to the streets to pressure Governments, the Green Party works to put environmentalists into positions of responsibility to take action.  The Green Movement needs all four; our planet and all its residents need all four.


In Ashford Green Party we try to live by our principles and lead by example.  Our councillors and representatives are residents of Ashford; we are your friends, family and neighbours.  As a local branch of the Green Party of England and Wales we are best placed to take action on climate change and the mitigation of it’s inevitable effects within our own borough.  We think global and act local.


But we also understand that quality of life is what makes life worth living and, as other parties finally begin to follow our lead on climate action, we scrutinise our councils actions to make sure that they are fair, equitable and inclusive.


Since May 2019 our councillors have proposed motions to Ashford Borough Council to declare a climate emergency, recognise the struggles of BAME communities and the contributions they make, opposed inadequate and inappropriate planning applications and pushed for insulating homes and micro-generation of electricity before considering sprawling solar farms.

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