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Al Arnold


Al is one of our Aylesford & East Stour Represenetatives.  He is also one of our Ashford Young Greens Co-Ordinators and has been a member of the Green Party since the age of 16.   He regularly helps out with our community litter picks and campaigns to stop cuts to public services and to protect our NHS.  Al was our youngest candidate in the local elections in 2019 and strongly believes it is important to have better representation of young people on the council.  He lives in South Ashford, and works in the town centre in a catering role.  He regularly helps out with Community Litter Picks and campaigns to safeguard our NHS from cuts and privatisation.  Al also helps our with fundraising for both Ashford Young Greens, and the main Ashford Greens branch by writing the questions for our regular quiz nights and by raffling his incredible hand baked cakes!  Al is also our resident expert on the London Underground!

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