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SATURDAY, 11 MARCH 2023 AT 11:00


Stagecoach are planning to cut a number of services in Ashford, at the same time as KCC are also cutting bus services, including the Kent Karrier. Many people rely on these services, one of which is the G Line. We have been running a petition, both online and paper copy which has to date received hundreds and hundreds of signatures. 

On Saturday 9th April, members of Ashford Green Party will be walking the G Line route, to highlight our need to keep this and other services. We'll be arriving at the Stagecoach Bus Depot on Brunswick Road around 11.30. We'd love you to meet us there, and greet the arrival of 'The People's Bus' walkers. 

We'll have copies of the petition to sign and we'd love to be greeted by a good crowd. If you are likely to be affected by the loss of the G Line - or other services, come and meet us at 11.30.

Please note, we will not be going in to the depot - this just happens to be the end of the G Line route. 

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