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Phil Monaghan

Phil is one of our Weald Central Representatives.  He started teaching in 1974 at Queen Elizabeth’s GS in Faversham and, then became Head of Geography and Geology in Hampshire, Head of Sixth Form at two schools in Essex and then as a deputy headteacher, first in Southwark and then in Lambeth.  From 2000 he co-ordinated the government’s Excellence in Cities programme, first in Southwark and afterwards in Luton and Gravesham.    

After retiring in 2008 Phil became Vice-Chair of Ashford Mencap and also served for six years as a school governor at Bethersden Primary School, including four years as Chair of Governors.

Phil is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and he joined the Green Party as he is most concerned about the serious damage we are doing to our planet and to our futures, particularly with regard to climate change.  He feels that, for all our children’s and grandchildrens’ sakes, we must look very seriously about ways that all levels of government can manage our local and global environment with care.

The current global concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is 417 parts per million and growing.  The last time it was this high was a million years ago and the world sea level was 30 feet higher than today.  Makes you think……

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