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Phil Sims

Phil is our Kennington Representative.  Hel previously served as a Borough Councillor for Kennington, but took exception to the railroading forcing the approval of the Large Burton Estate despite humungous opposition by Residents.

He has always been supportive of Green issues, and previously worked in a research job looking at the pollution given off by industrial and domestic gas fuelled equipment.

Phil has lived in Ashford since 2005 and thoroughly enjoys living in ’The Garden of England’ as opposed to the Midlands where he spent most of my career.

Phil has been involved in many activities in and around Ashford, such as the Kennington Summer Fair, Governance at Kennington schools, and is a Trustee of Kennington Parochial Charity and The Friends of William Harvey Hospital.

Phil believes that the only Political party with credible policies to address Climate Change, and support individuals not Big Energy Businesses, are the Green Party, which he is proud to support.

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