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Thom Pizzey


Thom is one of our Co-Chairs and a key member of our Campaigns Team .  He has stood in many local elections since joining the Green Party in 2012.  Thom, has been a Stanhope resident his entire life, and works as a graphic designer, which is why our leaflets always look so good!  An active campaigner against austerity, privatisation and corporate tax avoidance, Thom has organised and participated in local demonstrations within Ashford. He has also attended many national protest marches and is active in many campaigns including Stop The War, Kent Anti Racism Network and Save Our NHS in Kent many of which he has been invited to speak on behalf of Ashford Green Party, and has previously served as the Chair of Stanhope Parish Council.   Thom is passionate about social justice and wants to see tax loopholes closed, and corporations & the very wealthy paying their fair share.


Quote from Thom: “We need loud and unapologetic voices willing to reject the status quo politics of the other parties. Voting for the Green Party is a vote for a fairer economy where no-one earns less than a living wage, the wealthy and big business pay their fair share in taxes, and nobody needs to use a foodbank to feed their family. As a borough councillor, Thom would prioritise tackling income inequality, defending local services from cuts and privatisation, and delivering affordable and social housing while preserving  green  spaces”

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