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Our Ashford Constituency has a host of unique opportunities. From our geographical position in the county of Kent to our wonderful landscapes.  We are a gateway to Europe in one direction, and to the whole of the UK in the other.


We have a host of talented, hard-working, imaginative, and kind residents – values that are all important to me and that I will strive to demonstrate as your MP. I will listen with an open mind, and I will always do my best to help.  You will also get honesty, I will tell you the truth.  I will not make promises just to get your vote, my intentions will always be to do the best I can.


The boundary changes for the Parliamentary Constituency of Ashford have opened up a real possibility for us. The data puts us in a strong position.  We know that we have a huge amount of support.  The local elections showed us that.  Not only did we increase our number of councillors to 8, our 4 re-elected councillors all won with an increased majority which clearly demonstrates that once residents experience having Green representation, they want to keep it.


We can make history this year.  We can break away from years of Conservative governing.  We know that we will see a Labour Government this time, but it's important that we also have strong opposition.  Opposition who can hold Keir’s government to account.  The Labour candidate will be forced to agree with what Starmer says.  I have the freedom to advocate for what is truly right for the Ashford Constituency.  I won’t be swayed, coerced or intimidated into supporting a leader I don’t believe in.  I will be free to listen to my constituents and vote with my conscience.


Casting a Green Party vote in Ashford is not just a vote against the Tories.  Its also a vote to hold Labour accountable to their promises and a vote to champion progressive, green policies.  It’s a vote for hope.

There’s loads of ways you can help get Mandy into parliament:

  • Join an Action Day and help us deliver newsletters to residents

  • Share your skills by taking photos, making videos, and getting creative

  • Make a monthly donation to keep the campaign running all the way until the election.

  • Put up a poster/poster board at election time

Join the #TeamMandy WhatsApp group

Join the WhatsApp group to get all the latest news from Mandy’s campaign. It’s an announcements community group so not a two-way conversation (which means minimum notifications!)








Ashford Constituency  Map


Ashford has voted Conservative for over 100 years. But the Green Party keeps winning local elections here, and is strong enough to take them on. At the next General Election, the choice is clear:  


Vote Green Party

 Vote Mandy Rossi

Boundary Ashford Parliamentary Constituency.png


  • Tackling the Climate Emergency  We need people like Mandy in Westminster to hold the government accountable to its environmental commitments and demand they treat the climate crisis with the urgency it requires.

  • An End to the Housing Crisis This country needs public representatives with solutions that meet the challenge of the housing crisis. Mandy is committed to measures which tackle the housing shortage while simultaneously protecting valuable green space for communities, reducing climate emissions, tackling fuel poverty and providing genuinely affordable homes.

  • Fairer Greener Transport - As your MP, Mandy would continue to fight for a transport system that truly serves the needs of Ashford's residents and the environment, not the profit of large companies.

  • Renewing Our Economy - Tackle the cost of living crisis and make the UK fit for the future

  • Repairing the NHS - investing in our vital public services and ensuring that people come first, not profit

  • Restoring our Natural Environment - standing up for the protection of our rivers and seas against pollution and protecting our wildlife. As a Green MP Mandy will demand action to protect our natural world.


I’ve lived in the town  of Ashford for 24 years and been local to the area prior to that for most of my life living previously in Folkestone, Hythe and Dymchurch.  This area is my home and I care very much about what happens here.


I am an active member of the community – a member of our local Women’s Institute, and co-founder of Wombles of Willesborough, a community litter picking group.  I have spoken at many events and workshops, including for Ashford BME, Ashford Girl Guides and a several of our schools in the Borough.   I also work closely with and support our KCC & ABC Councillors. 

I got into politics because quite frankly I’m angry.  I feel we have been consistently let down by successive governments who seem to care more about staying in power and keeping large corporations happy, than they do about residents and the planet.


I joined the Green Party in 2011 and have been a driving force in building our profile locally and getting more and more Greens elected.  Something I was told would never happen here.  I stood as your General Election candidate in the last three General Elections, and year by year more and more people are believing in us and voting for us.  We have a strong team and in the Borough of Ashford, we are in Joint Administration of the Ashford Borough Council, and also on Folkestone & Hythe District Council.  The Green Party is a strong presence in communities across the constituency.

I believe in a holistic approach. I believe we need to have joined up thinking, and I believe we need to have politicians who listen to residents and who vote with their conscience.

I’m a self-employed training consultant and coach and have a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminology. I have worked within both the public and private sectors and across a whole variety of industries.  Outside of work my passions are politics, animals and running (albeit very slowly).

The new boundary changes give us an exciting opportunity in the coming election to see real change. I want to see communities thrive, and the environment nurtured, and I am truly honoured to represent Ashford as its Green Party Parliamentary candidate once more.  


Please give me your support and back my campaign.  Thank you.

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